My Boyfriend’s Dad Shared His Wisdom And I Came – S30:E5

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Xxlayna Marie and Rion King have been dating for a bit. They’re chilling on the couch when Rion’s stepdad, Clarke Kent, comes to check on them. Looking backwards over Rion’s shoulder, Xxlayna makes sexy eyes at Clarke. When Clarke walks away, Xxlayna comments to Rion that she’s pretty sure Clarke really knows how to eat pussy. That comment just pisses Rion off and causes him to storm out. Bouncing over to the kitchen, Xxlayna explains to Clarke that she has upset Rion because she thinks Clarke can give some excellent pussy eating lessons. Rion walks back in just in time to see his stepdaddy getting very handsy with his girlfriend. Clarke tells Rion that he can’t turn down this invitation even as he’s leaning in to dip his tongue in. Rion is initially pissed, but there’s something pretty hot about his stepdad showing him the ropes. Moving to the couch, they get this threesome started with Rion eating Xxlayna’s pussy even as Xxlayna sucks Clarke’s cock.


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