Make love like the first time !!

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Do you remember when and what your first time having sex was like? So me and my boyfriend still remember our first time fucking. It was very erotic and it was something very special and we look back on it fondly. That tingling feeling and the excited lust of fucking each other for the first time. I even remember the exact pair of underwear I wore. it was my favorite underwear at the time. Unfortunately I no longer have the original. But with just one click I ordered the underwear from back then online again to surprise my boyfriend with. I want to do it like the first time fucking my boyfriend. love at first fuck. That’s how it was with our relationship and we remember it fondly. with such a surprise special sex day like today. I can see it in the shining eyes of my boyfriends. He still finds me just as sexy as he did back then and it makes him horny to see me in these special panties again.


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