Revenge sex! cuckolded wife does it to her ex-boyfriend in front of the camera

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When it came out that her husband had been having an affair with her best friend for a long time, the cheated and underfucked milf vowed revenge. She went on a date with her ex-boyfriend, who her husband was always jealous of. After they drank a lot in a bar and talked about old times, she took her ex-boyfriend home with her. The horny mare knew exactly how to bring his cock to ecstasy. The horny stallion quickly didn’t care that his ex bitch wanted to film the whole thing and he also didn’t care that he was cheating on his fiancée by fucking his ex…..maybe he should have thought about that better. The horny fuck has it in his hand now and when her wet pussy needs a cock he has to be ready. The fact that he has to cheat on his fiancée every time only makes the mare even hornier. After his bachelor party he can come to her place and she will try out her strapon. But more on that in Part 2